About Us

Hi, I'm Usmaa and I just want to tell you a little bit about myself. I live in Hertfordshire and am married with 2 grown up kids. I started my business in April 2018 after many hours of thinking, researching and planning and finally deciding...if not now, when?

People often ask, ‘Why did you start a hampers and gifts business?’ Well, I started it mainly because I love giving gifts and whenever I searched online, I found it difficult to find what I was looking for: excellent quality gifts at affordable prices. I started with retro sweets and chocolates then branched out to include more variety so that there would be something for everyone. My love of sweets couldn't be the sole reason behind purchasing choices. Recently, I have designed some pamper hampers and I know there is so much more I could be doing and I am working my way towards it. I listen to what my customers ask for and try to provide that at an extremely competitive price whilst never compromising on quality and excellence. If it's not good enough for me, then it's not good enough to send out. Yes, I have been known to unwrap and disassemble entire hampers just because one item was slightly tilted or a label was pointing the wrong way. Being a perfectionist could be viewed as a hindrance but I think it makes me uniquely 'me'. I have to hold myself accountable to my own high standards and send out the very best gifts. It is for this reason that I welcome any and all feedback as I will always look for ways to be even better.

At the moment, we post all over the UK and offer free local delivery to your door. We really hope to expand to international deliveries soon. To all those people asking...we are working on it.

As the business develops, we will keep adding new products and designing new hampers, so keep following on social media to stay updated and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear the latest news and get discount codes. Don't worry, we won't clog up your inbox with lots of emails but will only message with special seasonal offers or the latest news about the business. Basically, if there's something to tell, we will message you otherwise, you know where we are and can always get in touch yourself if you have a question. On that note, we do get asked all sorts of questions at all sorts of times, but...we don't mind. What's app is best or drop us an email or you can call (leave a message if we don't answer).

Primarily, we use hamper trays and shred that are made of 100% recycled paper and are fully recyclable. We also have a selection of wicker hampers which obviously being natural materials, have their own charm and of course can be fully repurposed after you've consumed all the contents. We are on a mission to make as much of our product packaging either recyclable or reusable but unfortunately it all comes at a cost that can't always be absorbed by a small business so rest assured we are working on it whilst trying to remain competitive at the same time.

I'm wondering if anyone noticed that I changed to 'we' half way through. Whilst this has always been my vision and dream, my husband has worked tirelessly behind the scenes with me. Continuing to support each other, together we are the team behind 'Usmaa's Hampers & Gifts'.

Finally, we just want to say that we hope you will join us in our journey, stay in touch via social media, subscribe to our newsletter and support our store so we may continue to offer hampers and gifts that deliver excellent quality whilst also providing value for money.