The Date Project

The Date Project

Really excited! Just received my dates from The Date Project

In the blessed month of Ramadan, we are all constantly looking for ways to do good deeds. Charity is one of the ways in which we can increase our eemaan whilst also feeling like we have made a difference to someone else's life. I kept seeing The Date Project being advertised during this month on Facebook and felt compelled to find out more. They are a charitable organisation, SKT Welfare, that sell the best quality medjool dates hand-picked by Syrian refugees within the Jordan Valley. All the dates are ethically sourced. They are presented in the most beautiful tins. There are four designs to choose from but I only got the Syria and Palestine ones this time. Not only do you get delicious dates to eat yourself or give as a present, there is also a beautiful card hand-drawn by a child plus the amazing opportunity to win a Hajj or Umrah ticket or other prizes. They have a 100% donation policy so you know your money is going to the people who need it and not being spent in administration costs!

The project started in 2015 with a handful of volunteers to support the Al-Huda Bakery in Syria and has now expanded to include many more countries. Read more about the brilliant work they do on The Date Project website. 

I'll definitely be ordering again next Ramadan and hoping to become a volunteer to deliver locally in my area too. Please take a look for yourself. There's still time to order. Don't miss out!

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Salam, please let me know if you have any dates available. Thanks


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